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  1. After reading some of the posts, I came up with a few ideas. Hopefully this will make the game more fun and fix some existing issues. Exclusive Food Storage - perishable items will deteriorate fast if not stored in appropriate food storage(like a refrigerator or lunch bag). Limit the number of food storage that can be made. This will still allow players to stock up on food for an expedition or to get through winter. This could have prevented the hoarding issue in the first place. Preserved Food Recipe - if you don’t limit the food storage space, preserved food can still be hoarded. Maybe add more time to create the preserved food compared to regular dishes. This encourage “making enough for what you need” because anything more than that will be a waste. Durability on Crock Pot Dishes - instead of being able to stack it, it will have durability like tools so it takes a few bites to finish one and it will also have a spoil countdown. Hopefully this will be less complicated than dealing with how to stack food with different spoil value. The durability of the dish will also vary depending on how much ingredients you used. "Only the freshest and finest ingredients will make the 'Ultimate Dish'”. Berry Bush Cycle Reset - make the berries “fall off” if not picked after a long time and then it will reset to the start of the cycle. You might need to rebalance gobblers for this because replanted bushes will have more vulnerability to getting picked too early or make them only pick the ripe ones. This might be more exciting because you will have to compete with a gobbler to pick the ripe berries or it will just fall off and rot if left unattended. This will also remove the “replant and forget”, then come back with bushes full with ripe berries.
  2. Indirect kills does not count against "No kills" at the end of the chapter so you can just finish the chapter. I think the same goes for friendly fire and falling off the edge when the guards get scared.
  3. I think Path of the Mark has the most potential for speed runs. New game plus, no kills, no alarm, and no items were used. It was pretty sloppy but I finished in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  4. If you're trying to pass through, running through with a log suit will help you survive in case you get hit. If you're trying to explore and farm reeds, I suggest leaving marks where the the tentacles are if you're not planning to fight them. I used to carry an extra stack of twigs and drop one near the left side of the tentacle if I see one about to come out so next time I go to the swamp and when I started fighting them, I knew where they are exactly.
  5. Just fought a tentacle and took quite a bit of damage(about to die actually). Decided to make Honeyed Ham to heal up but Wilson decided to take a sample of the raw ingredient(Monster Meat) while I was trying to put it in the crock pot. I didn't get a chance to ask him how it tasted... -Ate a monster meat while trying to cook some Honeyed Ham to heal up from dying. -Wearing my log suit in the dark while my twigs and grass are in my backpack. It's so dark, I need to make some fire... oh shi... -Leading a burning Optimus Pine into a thick forest. -Trying to inhale a slab of steak while running around a campfire with a pack of hounds. -Poking a beefalo's with a spear in the middle of herd.
  6. Day 400+ I haven't played since the Krampus update. I got 3 effigies but I have about 120 units of beard trimmings, 4 rings and 4 red gems. I might start a new game since I killed all the Tallbirds, not knowing that they don't re-spawn and the only stack of three eggs I got turned into 1 last time I checked. I also lost 20+ tentacle spikes because I left all of them lying on the ground at the swamps, not knowing that they magically disappear after so many days.
  7. Hi guys, just sharing my gameplay videos. The first two chapter might be too dark but the later ones will be lighter. I hope you guys like it. Here's a sample. Edit: Just a few thing that might be unique from other walk-through/play-through: The chapters are completed in one run with no restarts. Think of it as hardcore mode where if you mess up, you have to start at the very beginning of the chapter, just like classic games where you don't rely on saves or checkpoints. You guys should try it. It's pretty fun. The chapters are played fresh from the start without everything unlocked. Using a cardboard box, ravenous insects, and parachute cloth right in the very first chapter and calling it a walk-through would be stupid. Only bamboo kunai will be used unless the chapter requires other items. For example, smoke bomb to pass the lasers, and spike mine to get one of the seals (terrify a guard by killing another one with spike mine). Only the default "Path of the Ninja" will be used. No perks will be taken advantage of from other "paths" like silent running , auto-successful stealth kill, and easily to terrify guards. Path of the Mark" will only be used on the chapter that you are forced to use it. I may add future videos showcasing other "paths". The first one will most likely using "Path of the Mark" to speed run the whole New Game Plus.