Don't Starve : Spring [Tips]


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One video under Youtube Uploading/Processing. Needs editing.


Features :


Length : 31 Minutes

Content : Tips


Use of Annotations to travel through video.

Use of Closed Captioning.


Small mistakes.

Author Commentary on the first 4 Days.



Video Description on Youtube :


Day 1 to 4.

Summary :
Collecting Resources.
Wondering if my world is composed of islands.
Finding a huge Mosaic Biome.
Mining Rocks in Rockyland and Setting a Base.
Exploring the Mosaic Biome and Acquiring the Resources for Rain Hat.
Finding a Sinkhole.
Crafting my Rain Hat.
Notes : I have made a few mistakes during the gathering of resources. I didn't pick enough grass at the game start.
How to survive Spring :
Hammer any skeleton you find for bone shards. Hammer Pig Houses and Touch Stones for Pig Skin in order to create an Umbrella.
Building a large stack of grass and twigs is essential in order to farm spiders with traps. Destroy Spider Hives Tier 3 to get spider eggs. Plant the eggs near your base.
A Crockpot with a Birdcage will give you a steady amount of food. You can transform monster meat into eggs. Eggs are used in Bacon and Eggs Recipe. It is recommended to create meaty stew when you have large meat (value of 1).
A lantern will make exploration easy. Keep in mind that you will have to use Roasted Berries or Fist Full of Jam unless you have farms while being in caves. It will save encounters with Bunnymen and it can save you time. You can hammer Bunny Hutch to rebuild them in the above world near your base. Pigs and Bunnymen will provide a full protection against hounds. 
You should try getting gears by fighting ClockWork Monsters. A flingomatic is almost required if you want to survive summer. If you come across a desert, you should build a large stack of cactus flowers, hound's tooth and bone shards.
Inventory Management is the most important aspect in Don't Starve. Keep a third of your inventory empty. Leave things on road when you don't need them. Travel with only one hat or with a football helmet only to save space. Use cones to plant trees and burn them once they become evergreens to get charcoal. Never gather too many tools.
You can burn turf if you don't want to gather wood. I like to gather rocks personally to set up Fire Pits when I am travelling. I can always re-use them later. Fire Pits will help you to survive long nights when it's raining.
If there's not enough content to make a good judgement, you can wait a few days until the next video will uploaded to Youtube. I don't have a regular schedule.
I believe that using all the Youtube features will make it on par with the other videos. I will not talk.
Once I have enough content, you may place a judgement on the Playlist (content, author, execution, processing, editing, relevance, polishing).
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I made an improved video. I asked Fraps to split files every 4 Gigabytes. When I ended recording, it said : "Not enough disk space". I have 50 GB free on my second Hard Disk Drive. Fraps dumped the video. I have no files of the recording.



By the end of day 7, I have :


8-10 Saplings

2 Fertilized Grass Tufts

1 Basic & 1 Improved Farm with harvestable crops

1 Rain Hat

1 Science Machine and 1 Alchemy Engine

1 Bird Trap & 1 Bird Cage

1 Drying Rack & 1 Crock Pot

1 Garland

1 Fire Pit

1 Lightning Rod



Plans :


Create a Beekeeper Hat and build Beehives.

Explore Desert for Cactus Flowers, Hounds and Bone Shards.

Find Gears.


A Few traps to farm Silk near a Spider Den Tier 2.

2 Walls of Evergreens for Wood and Charcoal


Large Stack of Materials and Tools.


Base near Rockland to gather ice when summer comes.

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