[Gameplay] - Agents can detect enemy's movements from very far away

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Agents can detect enemy's movements from very far away

Issue Description: Basically, agents can detect an enemy movement patern if the enemy can be seen by any other agent, regardless if they are close or at the other side of the map. Is this intended behavior?

it looks odd to me for an agent to spot the guards' point of interest or movement pattern if they can't even see the guard. As a result, you can play with AP and use points from an agent far away, while you use your closer agent's AP to do more useful stuff like running away.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. You need to have an enemy guard withing visual range of agent A, while agent B is far away.

2. Select agent B, and the option to predict the guard's movement will be available, even though this agent can't see the guard, or wouldn't even know the guard is there.

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I just confirmed it, and took screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/yByYG#0 (Is there a way to upload images directly into the post?)

You can see that in the 1st picture Deckard can detect all the guard's movements (one of them doesn't show that option because I already used it), including the one he can't see and that is in a room without cameras. Only Banks can see him.

2nd picture shows pretty much the same thing, Banks could detect their movement pattern if she had the AP to do so. The room far away from her has a camera, but it's not a friendly one. 

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Yeah, I was wondering about this too. Should agents be able to observe guards that are not DIRECTLY in their line of sight, but are in another agent's line of sight?

Maybe agents all share the same vision through the incognita system?

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I thought about this too - on the one hand it feels wrong that agents can spend their AP to analyse guards out of sight, but on the other hand there should be a way to analyse all visible guards (i.e. also those on camera).


Maybe it could be an obtainable Incognita software..

Motion Analysis: Expend 1PWR to detect a visible guard's movement.

MA+: Expend 3 PWR to detect all visible guards' movement.


Agents can still expend their AP on guards in their line of sight.


... maybe.

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