[Gameplay] - Peeking through door one tile away

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Peeking through door one tile away

Issue Description: Peeking through the door Deckard faces simultaneously peeked through the secured door, even though it is one tile away. It would possibly be correct behaviour if he were next to both doors?

Steps to Reproduce: Try to work your magic on the savegame file? The forum doesn't allow me to upload a .lua file, so I changed it to text. If there's a proper way to give you 'the contents of that file in my bug report', please let me know.

Also, the F1 debug didn't copy to my mac clipboard, so I uploaded it as an image. I assume the user number isn't sensitive information?..

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you can zip the lua and upload the zip file, i think.


I'm gonna guess that won't work since adding images and a text file failed for me. I see many people have added images, and even that didn't work for me (they uploaded fine and had the 'Add to post' button, but that doesn't seem to have worked). This also explains the whitespace in my second post; it was another attempt at including images by dropping them in my post (which works in edit mode, just not after I post it). I'll probably use photobucket or imgur for my next bug report/if they want images on this one.

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I came to report the bug in which agents can peek 2 doors simultaneously, spending only 1AP, when they are standing between the 2 doors. They should only peek in the chosen room, and spend another AP if we wanted to know whats behind the 2nd door.


I'm not sure if this is a bug since peek is a general command with hotkey 'p', which makes the agent look all around them and adjacent corners. It is a bit strange to have visibility through both doors, though, and I do agree it may be a bit generous currently.


Testing the simple uploader, looks more promising so far (but unrelated to the reply):


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