[Gameplay] - EMP Dosn't work coreectly on guards with barriers

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: EMP Dosn't work coreectly on guards with barriers
Issue Description: After trying to disable a guard's barrier with an EMP I found that it did not work.

Even worse it prevented me from using lockpick/parasite to break his firewalls.
Steps to Reproduce: 1- Find a guard with the Firewall dependant Barrier.

2- Don't hack his firewall with ingocnita. Instead deploy an EMP against him

3- Wait for EMP to go off and catch him in the Blast

4- Find that his Barrier is still up and giving him an armour bonus.

5- Switch to incognita to try to bring down his firewalls using lockpick/parasite only to find you can't because they no longer appear.

INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccess_Sept16.111107 USER '12420225@steam'
OS: Windows (WOW64).6.1.1DB1
GAME 2.1.initial_escape.ftm_guard.3701324094

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