[Crash] - Vanishes, reappears, game crash

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash
Platform: Mac
Issue Title: immediate shot
Issue Description: Agent shoots a whole magazine at guards, kills them, then disappears from screen. Happened twice to me and during the 1st time, the game crashed.
Steps to Reproduce: 1. set an agent with a gun on melee reaction
2. have 2 or more guards get in sight
3. agents kills up to 3 guards during the guard's turn (using shalem's rifle or a goverment pistol)
4. agent then disappears from screen during agent's turn (but re-appears if he moves one block)
4b. game crash: after the agent disappeared, guard freezes. When restarting, guard is dead.

5. agent re-appears when either making a move, or another guard nearby does something (like saying "looking for target" behind a wall)

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