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When I first launch Mark of the Ninja, it asks me to calibrate the brightness until the ninja is 'barely visible'. I did so, then when I tried to proceed to the next screen, the calibration tool complains that the gamma is too low to see much. What did you expect?!


If you're going to tell me to make the ninja barely visible, don't bloody complain when it is make so! In fact, don't even bother asking me to calibrate at all, just default to 50%, shut it, and let me play the game.

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Defaulting it would be silly, there's many different screen brightnesses and the room brightness will make a huge difference.

Klei just tries to provide the proper experience. I'm assuming the room you've been in was dark, so you set the brightness to rather dark.


The warning would, in that case, be legitimate. If you set it to what you need in a dark room, you won't see anything once it's day or the room is bright by other means.


If the room was bright and you set it appropriately then I don't know what went wrong. I didn't get mentioned warning at all.

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