[General] - melee reaction does not work

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: melee reaction does not work

Issue Description: I played two games in the last updates and both of them had this bug that forced me to stop them : when an enemy is investigating a open/closed door, my agent standing rigth next to them did not stun them.

Steps to Reproduce: After opening a door under a guard's watch, he goes through it to investigate. My agent is standing rigth next to to door in the other room, with melee reaction ready. The neural disrupter hasnt been used yet in the game.

When the guard comes into the agent's range, nothing happen (no stun), then the agent get spotted.

I tried it with Deckard and Bank.

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Make sure your melee reaction is the LAST thing you do. I've noticed a lot of little things would cancel the effect. EG: moving, buying, looting, etc



Every little action cancels melee reaction. Always double and triple check that it's on, it always worked fine for me.

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actually there are few more things to make sure


1. Are you sure you are equipped with neural disrupter, not VOLT disrupter (One that consumes PWR)

2. If you happen to equip on the latter one, make sure you have enough PWR to trigger it

3. Also double check that the guard is not armored

4. if it's armored, make sure you have enough armor penetration matching the guard's armor

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