[Gameplay] - A Friendly Conversation multiple bugs

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: A Friendly Conversation multiple bugs

Issue Description: Encountered multiple bugs on this mission. Sorry didn't hit F1 during gameplay, just learned that now. I'll try to include all details even though some will be irrelevant I'm sure. Skip to paragraph starting with BUGGY PART if you want to skip backstory

Day 6 - Deckard, Banks, Internationale - all stats maxed

Mission - A Friendly Conversation - Heavily Guarded - Can't remember level type (vault, server farm etc)

Killed 2 guards while exploring, one I stunned then killed on ground. All with government pistol all from Deckard as he had augments ignore 1 AP and no raise alarm on kill. This is not relevant I think

Found room with Captain and a armour level 1 guard. Used Banks to KO armour guard, Neural Disrupter 2 or 3? KO'd for 3 turns and inject sleepy juice (not her custom one) think it was basic one for 2 turns so total of 5 turn KO. Sat on him. Next turn Deckard KO's Captain (think basic neural disrupter). Picks him up and drag over other previously mentioned guard. Next turn guard in next room comes to investigate (I have not alerted any guards with gunshot, running, reloading.) I know him investigating is normal. He catches Deckard in the double stack position but Banks comes up behind him and KO's 3 turns. Deckard moves 1 tile, drops, shoots this investigating Guard, now picks up KO'd guard and drags over Captain. Next turn guard 5 rooms away (20 walking path tiles, 12 as crow flies) starts to investigate. Banks and Internationale are off exploring now. Takes 2 turns but far away guard almost at Deckard. Deckard drags body (I thought it was Captain at time but now realize it wasn't) 4-5 tiles away behind cover. Message flashes too quick to read top left of screen.

BUGGY PART - Investigating guard gets to red square and looks both ways, finds nothing. Next turn he looks both ways again and stands there. Huh? Should of walked away. Now when I move Banks or Internationale 2 tiles they stop and message pops up if you move away from target it will sever connection (this kinda makes sense now as Deckard is almost too far from Captain but still). Banks is back and is outside the door but I am certain I did not put her in overwatch as I wanted to see if this guard was going to just keep checking the same spot forever. He doesn't. He walks out of room and Banks KO's him.

Hmmm, in retrospect I could of made this a lot shorter.

Steps to Reproduce: Do a Friendly Conversation misson, Day 6, Guard investigating missing Captain does a double take and agent does an overwatch kill while not being set to.

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