Make "random loadout" an option?

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when I'm playing someone else's game, I'm not at all a fan of having to do actual design work myself. I don't want to have to figure out the most interesting setup of components. That's the respective designer's job. Anyways, I'm fine with having some input randomness in terms of the starting setup, if the components are reasonably well-balanced and thus all create new and interesting situations in combination with each other.


Therefore, I'd love to see a "random loadout" option, when I start a new playthrough. Just let the game pick characters and hacking programs for me. This mental dissonance of "Do I pick what I think would make for the most interesting gameplay? Do I pick strategically what I think would work best? Why do I even pick at all?" is, to me, really the most annoying thing about the game right now (which is actually a compliment, because it's not a fundamental issue at all). Of course, for those who want it, you can still provide the option to pick everything manually.


Keep up the good work!

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