[Crash] - Game Crashes few Seconds after starting

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Game Crashes few Seconds after starting

Issue Description: When i start the Game it opens but i can only see the Early Access Window. After ~1 Second it crashes to Desktop. I played for 2 Days without any Issues before.

Steps to Reproduce: Yesterday it worked and now it doesnt anymore.

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I'm also having this issue.  To my surprise, I cannot see that the game has been updated (I've kept Steam running for days so that I can keep track as auto-updates are pushed for games) and still this has started happening today.


The main menu does not appear, only the pop-up informing us this is an early access game.  My (ill informed) guess would be the "phoning home" to KLEI in order to post a "X days until next update" fails -- but it seems brutal that this should be enough to leave the game unplayable.

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