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MSI Afterburner


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So with the official release of DS multiplayer and a guarantee of beta testing after PAX, I wanted to attempt recording the game live as I play with my friend and upload it to Youtube. 

So I opened up MSI Afterburner, Don't Starve, and created a new world to test video recording. I hit the record button and played the game for about 2 minutes and then i stopped the recording and checked to see the quality of it, right away I noticed in the folder that my recordings are directed to, the clip i had jsut recorded had a black screen for a thumbnail, I didn't think much of it until I opened up the video clip to play it and I realized that MSI Afterburner pretty much recorded a black screen for those 2 minutes. The games sound was playing in the background clearly and with no lagg, and when I started recording, nothing came up in the game, everything ran perfectly, so i don't understand why the recorded clip was just a black screen.

Any help would be appreciated, please respond asap if you know how to fix this issue or have encountered it yourself, also please do not ''recommend'' that I use other screen capturing software because I want to fix this problem and continue using MSI because I have no ingame fps drops or performance drops, and I believe it's the best recording software anyways. 


Thanks for your time, feedback is appreciated!

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