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I thought what if the already adorable catcoons could breed and have kittens? 


Maybe on spring/autumn catcoons could be friendly to one another and maybe walk into the same catcoon house and stay there, then after a day one catcoon leaves and will go and do whatever and is rebound to its original home, and maybe 3 days after than a catcoon leaves the first catcoon house with a few kittcoons that go around and play with things. Maybe these kittcoons would greatly higher the players naughtiness when killed. I also thought if hostile creatures would ignore the kittcoons and not attack them until they are adults, this being said the kittcoons shouldn't be able to do damage (Maybe towards butterflies and rabbits perhaps?) so the player wouldn't exploit the hostile creatures neutrality towards it. I also thought that an adorable little kittcoon would have a very good sanity regen aura because kittens.


Would this be balanced? Okay maybe i should rewrite what i said in a statistic way.




-Spawn: On spring catcoons will no longer attack one another. Instead one of the catcoons might follow another one into its home. After a day one catcoon will leave, after another 3 days one catcoon will leave the catcoon house with 1-4 kittcoons.


-Kittcoons will run unlike the adult catcoon that walks fairly slowly.


-Kittcoons are only able to harm butterflies and other passive creatures like rabbits.


-All neutral and hostile creatures ignore Kittcoons.


-Killing a kittcoons will greatly increase naughtiness by 20.


-Tame kittcoons have a sanity aura of 9/m

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