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Maybe some can help me out with this chatacter deerclops little brother scripting thing

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Sorry about my English. Maybe translator goole helps out:)

I am a Latvian.




+I already created appearance for my character.

+Already reached horn in his inventory starting game with this character



i want:


-special item for this character


i tried this default horn.lua slowly make as own mod with different tex and everywhere in horn.lua replaced "horn" with "little_horn" an i lost everything horn gets invisible and with unknown name



-summonable deerclops with this special item "little_horn"


i tried in horn.lua add script from glommerbell to see maybe something happens


local function OnPlayed(inst, musician)
    if GetWorld().components.bigfooter then

and nothing


-make deercloops for his big brother - neutral behavior, possible make as follower.


how can see in image deerclop is characters big brother, who hates them.



-special item "little_horn" drops from character in every 20 days


he is one horned but it hates unicorns!:D

maybe in these 20 days on his head can grow other little creepy horn and ... dropp..





can i ask a few examples an directions, explanations - where and how? "who does this and it" because i am little to dumb to understand scripting my self.



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