[General] - Buggy level

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Buggy level

Issue Description: Crane blocked the path. It was the only path from starting room, so it was impossible to complete the level.

Steps to Reproduce: Intermittent issue. Happened only once in the second mission.

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Reporting a Buggy Level


If a particular level has generated buggy behaviour, press the F1 key while in-game to copy relevant information to the clipboard that will help us generate/recreate that exact level. (NOTE: This only works in-game and not in the main menu). Paste that information within your bug report. It looks similar to this:


INVISIBLE, INC. branches/SteamAlpha_May7.102262 USER 'xxxxxxx@Steam'
GAME ko.1.630868788


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