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  1. First: Use Med Gel Second: Also a good idea i think, would be to have a chance (50%?) that the downed agent you cant revive gets MIA. The Agent would get available again after freeing him out of a detention center. i think there will be more agents as the game gets updated more, so a loss hurts, but the game is far from over.
  2. To each his own, but i also think the difficulty is fine. The complete randomness can make things difficult until your team is good equipped. I am playing Endless right now, i'm on day 6 and i didn't get a single one detention center mission. So i am still stuck with two team members. Which kinda sucks. They gotta work on the mission ratio, i am getting swarmed with the escort and knock out the mole missions, but no detention centers. But hey, as long as the core game and difficulty stays the same, why not implement an easy mode for people who need it?
  3. I love the game, even in its current state(Alpha, but very enjoyable and playable). I am fine with the difficulty it provides, the randomness of the levels, items, permadeath, the alarm timer etc, it keeps things fresh. And that comes from a person who normally hates timed gameplay elements. But here, it fits like a glove. Without the alarm timer, there would be a lot less tension. And sometimes things go wrong, and you just have to go for the elevator, without looting the map clean. What i hope for the beta and the release version: more characters, a longer story mode, more items, more corporations, more scenarios, keep the difficulty(maybe implement an easy mode for some people) but keep the gameplay intact. Invisible inc. kinda hit me hard, really enjoying this gem. Ps: Maybe add some kind of Ghosting Bonus(1000$) for not hurting any guard, just for some extra challenge for the stealth nuts