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Ever try shooting at 2 Guards on the same tile?

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Mathis    0

So often I run into this issue, where I'm attempting to escape and knocking out guards when I have to, but then they cluster and eventually what happens is another guard will run onto the same tile as a guard I've knocked out. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be perfectly able to survive if you could just figure out which guard it is that you're shooting. The targets' connecting lines meet at the exact same spot while having 2 seperate targets occupying the same space.


I actually just retired an Agency that had a great start, and both of my agents were within 10 steps of the elevator with only one guard to take down. Had the bioshot dart gun and calculated that I could just book it after he aggroed/I shot him, but he ran onto another guard, and because of the way the targeting "works" I lost all 3 Agents because Banks ended up shooting a napping guard, rather than the one about to kill her.

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