Early Access Hotfixes

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Build 109273

* Fixed an occasional crash when an agent is killed by overwatch

* Fixed some missing animations

* Fixed sound location for Holocircuit Overloaders

* Only agents can use Stim

* Some fixes for facing issues after overwatch shooting

* Drones don’t shrug

* Fixed a crash with Parasite

* Fixed a tutorial error

* Fixed several minor crashes


Build 109233

* Reworded the tutorial pop up

* Suggest playing the tutorial the first time you ever play

* Added pulse effect in ice-breaking part of tutorial


Build 109181

* Fixed a crash when hitting Enter in the Mission Debriefing screen

* Fixed a crash when shutting down

* Fixed a crash when using both mouse buttons on a UI button

* Fixed a crash when trying to access detention cell using Internationale

* Fixed a crash when agents try to escape after peeking

* Fixed an error in the tutorial if played through quickly

* Fixed an error from trying to drag agent corpses (not supported yet)

* Fixed some crashes caused by cameras

* Fixed some crashes with reloads

* Better crash report handling

* Fixed weird animations when shooting from overwatch

* End turn button doesn’t show up at start of tutorial


Build 109098

Initial Early Access release

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