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the Heroic, the Valiant, the Rock Lobster

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Well I realized something earlier today, several creatures have been called "statues" such as SCP-173 and the Weeping Angels (not to mention Golems and the Earthen/Obsidian Destroyers). However, the rock lobster has never been called an animal or statue. And so, here I am, having decided to make a backstory. On a rock. Shellfish. I've hit a new low in my life


Prologue: Pull Up a Chair

My name is, well, you'll see. I was like you once. But I'll get their soon. I thought to do the same as you. I thought to explore the depths of hell. I was sure I was ready of my task, that I was going to escape. Well, look at me now. A rumble emanates that you assume is a chuckle, however it makes you jump, as you think that an earthquake is about to start. Sit down little one, I've merely started.


Chapter One: The World Below

The descent in the caves was one of pondering. I thought whether the creatures on the surface dwelled down here. What I found was completely different. The world was designed by a madman. The plants followed no natural order, and glowed with the radiance of a blazing fire. The roof was a canopy of mushroom caps. However, while walking amongst this wonderland designed by a madman, I felt something..... bigger than me...something out for blood, I didn't question it, I just ran, far, past the light, into the Lightless Reaches.


Chapter Two: The Orb

In all that running, I lost the surface. I followed the plants, and I walked. I walked on for days, hoping to find and exit, or at least my camp. But what I found on my search was fruitless. Tentacles, swamp, mushroom, glowplant, bunnymen. I had lost my way out. I clung to the last figment of hope, maybe I had gone insane. Maybe I am insane now. All I now is that days after I had affirmed that I was lost, I found it. It was circular, an object of  crystal, Moonstone perhaps. It pulsed with an affirming glow. Upon closer inspection, it spoke, it actually spoke to me, it told me I'd be alright if I agreed to let it help me, and to not doubt in it. What was I to do? What could I have done? 

Chapter Three: Broken Promises, Broken Glass

I trusted in that wretched orb. That damned stone whispered blasphemy in my ear. The creature looks agitated. As soon as I agreed, I felt something, I felt... The creature ponders for a while. I felt the numbness first, no wait, first came a biting cold. A cold that chilled my bones. Then the numbness came. I watched as my hand slowly lost digits and hardened. I felt my body change. That damned orb caackled like a madman through all of this. As gray spread through my joints, and I lost my speed. The orb lost it. It cackled and cackled and cackled...and then it split...leaving me like this for eternity. The creature sees your distress at the unusual story. Don't worry, that was the worst of it, little one.


Chapter Four: And With Strange Eons, Even Death May Die

Stranded in my new stone form, I had not yet learned how to move. I didn't feel time like my old self, I judged time by the glowplants, using their dimming as an artificial night. I used to hate spider, did I tell you that? This seems off-topic, but you decide to listen anyways. I loved the dark, I just couldn't handle the spiders here. Then a Queen chose me as an ornament for her hive, using me as a post for a cluster of their hives. I had no mouth and so I could not scream. And so, I kept thinking back to the fact I was in the dark, I would be protected from the spider, and those shadows that flirted at the edge of my vision.


Chapter Five: A New Beginning, and A Similar End

What's that? Yes dear, I'm done now. You show the Rock Lobster the peculiar orb in your pack. "Oh my!" The lobster says. Without warning, you being to feel a biting cold, like the breath of the Deerclops, you look over to the lobster to see it regaining color and morphing into a human. As you look down, you realize that your features have been replaced by those of the Rock Lobster's. As your transformation completes, you look out, with eyes of coal, upon your new home, better get used to it for some eons or so. 

Chapter ???: ??????
Well, that was invigorating! Wasn't it, dear? Although [REDACTED] was great, he will never be as great as you! The orb suddenly changes, and through a cloud of black you can see to figures walk into the darkness, one vaguely masculine, and one feminine. Looking through the a pile of ashes, [REDACTED] smiles as [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] walk into the darkness, after all the Shadows enjoy the company of Insanity. 
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