Willow idea : lighter fuel

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Hello everyone, I got this idea while playing Willow. I know that some people want a buff for Willow and it's true that even if she is good when you start the game, she kind of fall behind while you know how to manage darkness / sanity.


So the idea is too add fuel to her lighter.


"What the hell is he talking about? Adding fuel to her lighter will nerf her, idiot!"


Hey, wait a second, her basic lighter will be the same but the fuel will upgrade it for a short time. It will turn it into a portable fire but with some constraints. So there is two type of fuel :


Lighter fuel :

x1 Nightmare Fuel

x1 Pig Skin (the idea is using it as Fat)

x1 Willow's Lighter


Duration : 35 secondes


Increase the light radius. Heat the player. Burn things around.


Endothermic Fuel :

x1 Nightmare Fuel

x1 Nitre

x1 WIllow's Lighter


Duration : 35 secondes


Increase the light radius. Cool the player. Burn things around.


So the idea is having a way to ease the freezing / overheating with relatively rare component (but renewable). Since you increase the power of your lighter you take the risk of burning things around so you have to use it wisely.


Tell me what you think about it, if it seems overpowered, maybe replace Nightmare Fuel with Living Log could harden it.

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