Dualshock 4 + OSX for Mark of the Ninja


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This is mainly a question for Klei devs regarding future support of the DS4 for their games on OSX. It'd be great if you guys were able to support it with a patch. I know that one person isn't enough but hopefully I am just one "more" person out of many who'd like to see this. MOTN is difficult for me with M/K. If there is any advice you have for me in the meantime Id appreciate it. Thanks for the great games and keep up the hard work!

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I just bought this game after reading some reviews, but man, if only I knew.


Obviously it's not a great advantage to run OSX if you would like to use a generic gamepad.

In addition you also need an original xxbox controller.


I bought this game to play it on my macbook connected to a tv, with a gamepad, because I do not own an Xbox. Do I have such a controller then? No.


I have tried several third-party softwares to map my PS2 controller, but alas, no luck. Also tried a Loitech Action controller.


I regret buying this game for not supporting the STEAM controller remapping function. WHY!?

I'm sure you could solve the problem with a 256kb file-update!!

I am not spending another 80$ to buy an xbox controller I would never use again.


F I X  T H I S issue.



:livid:   :frown:  :grief:   :blue:

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I would buy the game if the dualshock 4 were supported. I guess the ds4 is the best controller mac users can use, w/o buying adapters or use homemade drivers, unlike PC users who have a nice x360 controller integration.

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While we officially support DualShock 4 for Don't Starve Together, Mark of the Ninja was originally developed for the Xbox 360 and published by Microsoft, thus the officially supported controller/control setup for the game is the official Xbox 360 controller. Because of this, controls are mapped and hard-coded to the official Xbox 360 gamepad. 

However, you should be able to use a 3rd-party program to try and re-map the control functionality for your game. Depending on the 3rd-party program you use, game control profile should not affect control settings and bindings for other games. 
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