a digable area(treasure area)

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so as the title says i got the idea to add a new areas that can digable to find a treasure(maybe gems or a special items) ,this will help to make a better weapon(a refined weapon:D) or maybe an oil that can be used for some technical

items(maybe new science machine or a new fireplace that uses oil for fuel). but this area only accessable on full moon(via a sunken bridge that only appear on full moon and only 1x access every appear),so the player cannot everyday go to this area.and every time you dig the area there are a chance to summon a island guardian (looks like a treeguard but its a gem) that drops:diamond(15%),2 gold nugget(100%),red gem (67%) and diamond sytche(1%)(its a rare drop,and 4x damage spear),so the player must prepared before enter this island.i will added to the new gems and weapon thread later,cheers.feedback and suggestion are appreciated.:D

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