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Help on Invisible Tools!

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I have spent countless hours trying to fix this. I have searched through all the other threads and cannot find a solution. I am currently working on this mod, and everything works fine except for the fact that my tool/weapon is invisible.


I have tried many different methods to fixing this. First, I followed the advice of Dana and changed my build name for swap_(tool) to just the tool name, and it has resulted in a crash no matter how long I tried. Second, I looked at other people's mods' prefab's and followed mine according to theirs, but no luck. I tried everything I could until I finally resorted to going on the forums and making this post. I'm aware I probably did something wrong that's blatantly obvious, but im not very skilled at modding games like Don't Starve.


Below is the link to download the mod if you want to inspect it. Thanks in advance.


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