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Mod Character invisibility issues


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Hello there !


So I started trying to create a new character on my own, basically following the different tutorials one can find here, and I can't fix the fact that when I start the game, my character is completely invisible. There's only the shadow, and I tried figuring out where the problem came from on my own, but everything I read in the other topics couldn't help me out. I tried to change the format of my atlas-0.tex several times, thinking there was a problem, but it didn't change anything.


For the moment I didn't change all of the bigportraits, and images because I wanted to create a base on which I can work later, I only renamed them for the moment in order to keep things going. I didn't add any special powers, or extra stats, because I wanted to see if it's working before going further. I don't know how to fix my issue, and I don't have the courage right now to customise the bigportraits & co. without knowing if this changes anything. 


If someone could help me out, that would be great ! I'm very new at this so I don't know how to upload my files for you to see, if there's the need it would just be very kind to explain how I should do it.


I hope someone will be able to help :-)

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Well.. maybe if you posted some information about your atlas-0.tex how did you make it, what tutorials did you follow..


Right.. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough :s 


Well, at first I followed TheDanaAdamas tutorial here I downloaded the mod sampla/template. I followed the instructions about how to use the template and modified it with photoshop as the tutorial shows, I converted it into a tex with TExcreator and replaced my knew selfmade altas-0.tex with the old one in the folder. Then, I got some problems understanding how to proceed with the buildrenamer, so I looked into another tutorial, this one here I renamed the build into newbuild and replaced it with the old one in the folder as well.


As I said, I didn't create any personnal stats, and instead of creating new bigportraits, saveslots, etc, I renamed the ones already in the folder just to see if the character in game worked before going further. First the game crashed but that was because I forgot to transfer the bigportrait XML file in the folder. This stopped crashing the game, and now it's working, I just don't see my character. I looked if there was a problem with le format, so I tried to change it from 1D to 2D, from DXT5 into ARGB, and I verified that the size was 1024 x 512. I checked if the build.bin was renamed to my characters name, it seemed okay. The altas-0.tex and the newbuild.bin are in a zip in the anim folder, I tried to compare with other character mods, and I didn't figure out what I did wrong... Maybe I made a stupid mistake without knowing, and I just want to get that straight, I want to understand what I didn't do well so I can improve my knowledge.


I appologize for not being clear enough if it is still the case, I'm just not yet used to all this, but I'm ready to do what's necessary, even if that means beginning it all again from the start. 

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Well you could've used buildrenamer..

So lets's see.


You say you have a newbuild.bin file? Idk but shouldn't it be build.bin? atleast that's how it's with me..


is the zip the name of your character?


did try to look around in your modmain & prefab folders?


maybe you missed a wod or something?

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Sorry I didn't mention it, but I did use buildrenamer to rename my build.bin. And yes, following the second tutorial I linked in the first post, I renamed it newbuild.bin. I'm going to try to rename it again, see if that changes something. 

The zip is renamed, to "Wiv" (the name I chose for my character is Wivy, but I thought that 3 letters would be enough, I'm going to try to rename it as well to the full name, maybe this works.)

I looked aound when the game stopped crashing but wasn't working, I even compared my folder with those of other caracter mods, but as I saw it, everything was there. I'm going to try that again, maybe I missed something...

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