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Mod Characters Ideas [Collection]

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Why post here?


This topic will reduce the amount of topics similar to this to one place where modders needing inspiration can find ideas quicker. This topic is for non-modders and modders to basically create characters designs that could be interesting, that may be used or just want to see what sort reception the character gets from others before creating the mod.


What do I post?


It is really up to you how much detail you wish to include. This could include a name, backstory, stats, unique character mechanics, art, dialogue and whether you would like your idea to be used or if you plan on creating this character.




Because this is a great game that could use many cool and unique characters to help better it.



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Name - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Stats - Dr Jekyll 150Health 200Hunger 100Sanity      Mr Hyde 300Health 200Hunger 100Sanity



Unique Character Mechanics - When Dr Jekyll's sanity is 50 or below he will turn into Mr Hyde, When Mr Hyde's sanity reaches 51 or above he will turn in to Dr Jekyll


Dr Jekyll - I'm a doctor! - Healing items heal twice as much.

                Fragile - Takes 50% more damage to physical attacks and deals 50% less damage with melee attacks.

Mr Hyde - 

                Strong - Takes 50% less damage from physical attacks and deals 50% more damage with melee attacks.

                Wheres my brain? - Cannot create crafting items that are made with science tier 1 & 2 or magic tier 1 & 2.

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Name - Will (The Cowbell Herder) "Gotta have more Cowbell!!!"


Stats - 150 Health 200 Hunger 150 Sanity


Unique Items - A Cowbell that he can use to herd Beefalo and to play to regain 5 Sanity at the cost of 5 Hunger. He can also use it to attack making 30 Dmg per hit.


Unique Traits - He has the ability to grow a beard that can only go to Tier 2. If he's not carrying his cowbell in his inventory, he will lose 3.3 Sanity/min. When he plays the cowbell, he will obviously have an animation that replicates it accordingly.

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Kotaro the Ninja



  • Health - 75
  • Hunger - 100
  • Sanity - 200



  • Moves 1.3 times faster
  • Attacks 1.2 times faster
  • Can summon a clone for 50 Sanity. The Clone does 25 Damage per attack, has 100 health and takes 10% less damage. Lasts 1 minute. Only one clone at a time. The clone has a 20 sanity/min aura.
  • Gains a small amount of sanity at night and in caves (he likes dark places)
  • Does not wear any armor other than his ninja armor (craftable item), in other words no grass armor, marble armor, log armor etc.
  • Cannot use weapons other than his ninja weapons (and tools), in other words no spear, tentacle spike, ham bat etc.
  • Cannot befriend pigs (bunnymen can still befriended)
  • When being hurt, he turns invisible for 3 seconds. This effect is broken on any action other than walking.
  • Does not eat spoiled food



  • Instead of Hound Attacks, Iga Ninjas will try to hunt down Kotaru. The Iga Ninja has 100 health and deals 25 damage. There loot drops can contain Ninja Blade and/or Meat.
  • Occassionally similar to giant spawns, Hanzo can spawn at any season starting from day 25. Hanzo has a chance to drop the 'Hanzo Blade' which is used as a crafting material. Hanzo has 1500 health and deals 35 damage. Can teleport (similar to shadow creatures).
  • Kotaro doesn't like to be seen so any living creature has a -10 sanity/min  aura at day. Pigs, Bunnymen, Ninja and Monsters have -20 sanity/min. At night every creature has a +5 sanity/min aura. Monsters have their normal insanity aura at night.



  • Bokken Weapon, costs 4 logs, deals 25 damage and has 100 uses.
  • Shinken Weapon, costs 1 log and 3 flints, deals 35 damage and has 100 uses
  • Katana Weapon, costs 1 Ninja Blade, 2 logs and 4 flints, deals 40 damage and has 200 uses
  • Nodachi Weapon, costs 1 Hanzo Blade, 2 logs and 6 flints, deals 50 damage and has 250 uses
  • Hay Garb, costs 2 ropes, 4 twigs, 10 cut grass, duarbility 250, absorbs 40% of incoming damage
  • Reed Garb, costs 3 ropes, 4 twigs, 8 cut reeds, durability 300, absorbs 60% of incoming damage
  • Smoke Bomb, costs 6 cut grass, 3 nitre, 1 gunpowder, can be used to distract any follower (this could be done by setting them asleep for 2 seconds)
  • Shuriken Pack Weapon, costs 10 flints, deals 10 damage each, has 10 uses. This is a ranged throwable weapon but instead of being removed from the inventory (like the boomerang) it loses 1 use.
  • Sharp Shuriken Pack Weapon, costs 15 flints, 5 gold nuggets, 5 nitre, deals 20 damage each, has 15 uses, mechanics are the same as in shuriken pack.


This is a lot so far and there might be more to come. On games with combat elements i like characters that act swiftly but can't take much damage this is why i came up with this.


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