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THE PROBLEM (?) , I need help

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(?) , 
antes cuando jugaba con el gamepad de xbox me indicaba que botones podia apretar para realizar una accion y ahora ya no.
hay alguna manera para poder solucionar este problema ?

before when he played with the Xbox gamepad buttons indicated that I could press to perform an action and not now. 
is there any way to fix this THE PROBLEM?

pd: if not fully understood because my English is not very good
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It might be that your Xbox 360 controller isn't being recognized by the game properly. Have you tried unplugging the controller, then plugging it back in again? Also, if you go your main menu then click on Options > Controls, you should be able to enable controller support for your game.


Here's a helpful guide for it: https://kleisupport.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1380441


Translation (via Google Translate) ------------


Puede ser que el controlador de Xbox 360 no está siendo reconocido por el juego correctamente. Ha intentado desconectar el controlador, vuelva a enchufarlo de nuevo? Además, si usted va a su menú principal y luego haga clic en Opciones > Controles, usted debería ser capaz de activar la compatibilidad con el controlador para su juego. 
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xbox gamepad works perfectly, but what I mean is that in the game when I wanted to do an action such as cutting down a tree was telling me push the button (A) and now does not tell me anything. I make myself clear?


Are you playing Don't Starve on PC, Mac OS X, or Linux? If you are on PC, have you downloaded the latest drivers for your Xbox 360 controller?


Also, could you send us a screenshot of your controls settings menu? 

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The image shows that the xbox gamepad is activated.but what I mean is that I make the buttons to indicate the types of actions.






In the image below this wilson next to a tree, but does not indicate any button to cut the tree or examine it, why?



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Hmm, it looks like you're running at least three mods with your game; and it could be that one or more of these mods are interfering and your controller prompts aren't getting displayed in-game. 


Could I get you to disable the mods one-by-one to see if that helps fix your issue?

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