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Help! I'm trapped in the ocean!

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/not a native speaker, sorry for any mistakes in advance/


Hi all!


Sooo, I was minding my own business, just planting a lureplant near the edge of the island. When I planted it, I appeared to be standing between the plant and the edge - and somehow I got pushed over the edge into the ocean!! I can now run on water like Jesus, but I can't get back to the land, it's like the islands and the ocean switched places. I can't interact with anything on the ground, I can't place anything on the water, and if I try to run back to the land - I just run on the same place when I hit the island's edge. All is left for me now is running between the islands until I'm out of food and light. When the night came I had to light torches, since I can't even make I fire. Felt like I'm a spirit trapped in limbo or something, really creepy. 


Any ideas how I can get back to the land? :-) I could let Wilson starve there of course, or feed him to Charlie (I still have 2 touch stones intact), but I really don't want him to die such a horrible death :(


Been playing this game from the early beta, and this is the craziest thing that happened to me so far :-)


At least now I know that Wilson can't escape by water - after a few meters of ocean waves there's nothing but darkness.




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Try opening console (default ~), pointing cursor onto land and typing c_move() .

Also usually you can run across the unwalkable border by forcing movement speed much higher, e.g. open console and try c_speed(100) or something like that and try running back onto land.

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