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Mod troubles :/

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ive been working on character mod. and no matter what the games crashes when i try to eat something. and the problem is in the state graph. here is were its saying the problem is.






ActionHandler(ACTIONS.BUILD, "dolongaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.SHAVE, "shave"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.COOK, "dolongaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.PICKUP, "doshortaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.CHECKTRAP, "doshortaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.RUMMAGE, "doshortaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.BAIT, "doshortaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.HEAL, "dolongaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.SEW, "dolongaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.TEACH, "dolongaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.RESETMINE, "dolongaction"),
    ActionHandler(ACTIONS.EAT, "doshortaction"),
anything anyone is seeing wrong?
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