Is there any way to increase vision range ....

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To do that legitimately the best way I imagine would be a walking cane, though I imagine if someone were dedicated they could mod to make the sight radius larger - it would require some significant effort.

If you'd rather not deal with Fog of War at all here are a couple steps to remove it through console. (I don't recommend this as it removes some challenge.)

  • Start the game, start a world, press the ~ key to open Console. Skip this next part if it works.

    If it doesn't work you need to turn console on by going to -
    Windows, Mac: <Documents>\Klei\DoNotstarve\settings.ini

    hit Ctrl + F and type ENABLECONSOLE, then set it to true if it is not.
  • Type, GetWorld().​minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(0,0,0,10000)
    This should remove the fog of war entirely.

  • Press Ctrl + L to remove that annoying wall of text!
  • Enjoy your Fog of War stripped world!
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Does the console command show the for of war in the cave too or just in the above world? I might eventually use the console command after i explored all of the above world but i wouldn't if it clears the underground world too.

I'm a compulsive explorer. I'm going to make a walking cane soon but an update that adds something like a binocular or a monocle to improve the vision while it is equipped would be neat in my opinion.

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Cheating is one thing, modding is another.
Perhaps some mods may work like a cheat, you just have to be careful.
But modding is for "fixing" the game to your likes, as for that matter, I have a mod installed that increases a little bif of the Field of View and a little bit of the map reveal.

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