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What to learn for me to start making mods?

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Hello There!

Firstly, I am familiar with Lua, I am not sure wether that's the only programming language you need here. I'm not very good with game modding because this is my first game I'm going to attempt to make a mod for. Can anyone direct me to tutorials, provide a tutorial here, or just explain, any will help as long as you can give me some help. I'm not sure if it's not okay for me to be posting here with this particular question, but I'm very interested in this game and can't resist to start making mods. So really, any tutorials that you can link me to, or something I need to learn apart from just Lua to be able to start modding here, or just general help of what I should do to start modding for this game in the form of anything including making a tutorial right here, all effort is greatly appreciated. This is my first post, so, I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong, not sure what else to add! :)


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