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Yet another revival scheme

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The "fun" contribution aspect of revival is restricted by (A) Having to wait to long to be revived and (B) being revived too easily. These two points must be balanced to best preserve the game's atmosphere while making it the most fun it could be for all skill level players. For the most part, A and B contradict each other in implementation thus requiring a very clever mechanic to be introduced. The above is just a guideline on what would make a good revival system in Dont Starve Together, a template in the most ambiguous way. Note what contents here are arbitrary, and overlook those, criticize the idea behind it.



I propose a "Totem"-like building with multiple material quality tiers, and an "Altar"-like building with multiple material tiers. 


Upon placing the Altar in a location, and crafting a Totem, the "placement select view" where you drag the red/green outline would show highlight a placement configuration around the already placed Altar - think Stonehenge circle (or any other shape). When the configuration is filled, the Altar becomes activatable at night with possibly some sort of meat/animal offering requirement (pig friend etc). 


Upon activation, a cool animation plays where the Totem-Altar configuration charges with energy, lightning strikes, the ground lights on fire in AOE or whatnot. You friend returns to life - but because you built the Totems out of wood, the gods were not pleased and your friend has 50% of his max stats. What this does is make revival available from the very beginning of the game (wood totems, stone Alter with maybe some gold or other fun bits) - thus satisfying the (A) criterium. Increasing material quality lowers the max stat loss from each resurrection, and each consequent resurrection further lowers your max stats by the modifier of the materials used.


Existing Totem-Altar configurations can be upgraded in materials to restore max stats to the new material's respective threshold. Stone --> Gold --> Marble --> Theculite Altar or w/e the material progression for that or the Totem is arbitrary.


This makes more a system where using low resource revival (what you would use if your friend died in the first ~30 days) is very punishing, yet feasible to let your friend keep playing without too much downtime. Upgrading revival configurations is trading one punishment for another, your sweat, tears and rare resources - to get your stats back from the Totem gods to as close to full as possible as the game progresses.


tl;dr Multiple resource quality tier arrangements of Totems+Altar like Stonehenge that take % max stats on each consecutive revive (less % the better the material) and are upgradable to higher tiers to get back as much of your stats as you care to. You can revive at almost any point in the game, but the punishment is severe at all points in the game be it stats-wise (50%+ for wood?) or in resources (lots of Theculite).

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the only problem with this suggestion is that, when people are not actively playing together(like you're in a public server not playing directly with other people), then they die and become a ghost for ever.

And shouldn't the dead have to do all the work to get back to life, since, you know, they're the ones who died in the first place?

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I think this is a great idea and pretty much similar to my imagination when playing DST with friends!
But as someone mention already: You WILL need another players help to come back to life and that for sure can be a very critical point when playing with foreign players. 

Still my point stands, your idea would be THAT way to make resurrection available for early and lategame. 

I hope you don't mind if I link this post with one of mine :)

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