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(I don't know if this should be a vanilla addition or a mod.)

I think plushes would be a good addition to Don't Starve, because they are... plushes.

Multiple types of plush would be cool. Examples:

Teddy Bear, Plush bunny, Plush beefalo, Plush hound (maybe), Plush mosling, etc.

They should boost sanity slowly while carried and they should have a durability of a few (4-10) days, after they need to be repaired with a sewing kit. They should be less "vulnerable" inside containers.

I'm sure they should require slurper pelts/beefalo wool/bunny puffs to be crafted, and at least a science machine to prototype, but after that they would be good.


Maybe leaving them on the ground should distract some mobs as well, but they should be damaged when attacked.


Repairing one should also give a small sanity boost. c:

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