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  1. I live in middle-Europe. It will be ~21.00 at me.
  2. What time was it uploaded? (UTC standard pls)
  3. Which time zone/country-state?
  4. When was it edited last time? I was probably asleep or in school.
  5. The ancient civilization idea sounds legit.
  6. I'm gonna find out this tomorrow.
  7. Poreč is near us! It is in Croatia. BYE
  8. What are we searching? What can I help?
  9. Really... The Moose OR A TALLBIRD!
  10. Anyway. Bye. I... I am not gonna help in this. I LOST IT. I don't own the game.
  11. WTF is this clockwork ascii??? 0-0
  12. WTF? How did you pass the first one? O-O
  13. So... Are birds having some kind of mindfish?
  14. Concentrate on those fishing 2things2! PLEASE!