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Mod - Miles Joseph Brampton, Doctor of Mayhem!

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I know, I know, I'm a new guy to this. Hell, there are always those first ones that you work your ass off on, and they start coming out well.


So, for right now, this is the thread where everything related to my character mod will be placed. I currently do not have a fully-working build with pictures yet (Damn my insistence on making everything incredibly detailed.



Miles Joseph Brampton, or as many might call him, "DOCTOR MAYHEM", is a traveller from a further point in time than most of the other characters in the game. Due to his accidental arrival... he's a bit more... colorful in clothing than normal. I've tried to modify the colours to match the art style, except the goggles on his head are still a blue-y color. (Yes, I know, I'm telling, not showing, but I did explain why I do not have anything currently to show.)


He wears a white labcoat, and has a dusty red shirt with a purple "M" monogrammed on it. Wears brown pants and grey shoes.


As I stated before, the only really colorful parts are the goggles... and now the M. Don't worry. I hope to figure it out... soon.


Current Plans:


Finish Character Mod itself - IN PROGRESS

- Complete Animation sheet for Miles

- Complete compiling of mod textures and such

- Fix xml and other files to work with character.

- Test mod



Future Plans:


New Items

- Teleport Device/Beacon (The device would teleport you to the beacon, and the plan is to have the beacon never move from its spot.)

- Power Claw (Mechanical weapon, slashing)

- Lightning Claw (Built off of the Power Claw, on hit brings down lightning. Not very durable)

- Villain Goggles. (Well, DUH. He's a Supervillain... more or less.)

- Dart Gun (Basically? An air pistol.)

- Radio (Would play music... hopefully.)




Everything I've just mentioned I've pretty much got sprites for (Items were a cinch... Miles is proving to be a challenge, but one I have well in my capable hands.). The only problem is his big portrait, which is on paper, and I don't have a scanner, nor do I know where my camera is.



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