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So PermaDeath now is probably the biggest issue so heres the awnswer Resurrection :-)


When another Player Dies you can resurect him using


A Resurection Altar made With:


10 Cut Stone

4 Gold

1 Sign


To Use You Need:

1-5 Ressurection Fuel (1/10 chance of Dropping From Gold Rock, 1/20 Chance of Dropping From Normal Rock) Depending On What Character your Ressurecting E.G Wilson, Willow, WolfGang = 1 Where as Woodie = 4


And Something That Is Unique to The Character or That The Character needs more than others E.G Beard Hair For Wilson or Food For Wolf Gang, Lucy For Woodie.


The Russerected Character Spawns On The Altar with half Hunger Full Health and Three Quarter Sanity

and you then need to Replace the sign.


Lastly when two or more people are dead and you go to resurect them a menu will pop up and you then pick the character you decide to ressurect, the menu will show the amount of fuel needed and the amount of days they've been dead


Oh and once used you must replace the sign by clicking the altar.


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Welcome to the forums!


You may want to put your ideas here, in the "Permadeath in Don't Starve Together" thread.



Looks like the devs are planning on using ghosts as a respawn mechanic in DST. I think your idea can work alongside this ghost mechanic, considering how a ghost is supposed to "connect" to the real world.

This, in turn, means that death needs to be a slightly softer failure, otherwise your multiplayer game quickly becomes a single player game. My first test is making it so that when you die, you turn into a ghost. Ghosts can haunt things in the world and those things will have various reactions to being haunted. Generally, as a ghost, you’re trying to re-establish your connection to the physical plane. Fully establishing that connection will revive you, but staying a ghost for too long will decrease your maximum health, including after revival. I haven’t seen this ghost mechanic in action in a “real” situation yet (i.e. not just me testing it with two instances of the game running on my machine) and it may not end up being in the game, much less the default behavior, but I like how it’s shaking out so far. A quick aside: I mentioned default behavior there because we’re hoping to allow you to play in a few different ways--persistent and more casual games, competitive and more antagonistic games, and hardcore/”true Don’t Starve” games . Anyways, once the ghost stuff is fleshed out a bit more, I’ll try to grab some video to show you folks what this early and experimental stuff looks like.

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