Possible uses for gravedigger items.

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I think that the reward-to-risk ratio of digging a grave isn't quite where it should be. Close, but not quite. I don't think the "Risk" part of it should be changed, the sanity loss and possible ghost are fine. But the "Reward" part is what bugs me. So, here's what I think think the gravedigger trinkets could do instead of trading them to the pig king for gold.

Ball and cup: Can raise sanity on use, 1-10 points if you miss the cup, and 30-50 boost if you do. (The chance to get it in the cup would be, like, 70%, maybe?) Costs 20 durability on use.

Dessicated Tentacle: Replacement for tentacle spots but they do spoil into rot.

Frazzled Wires: I think these should be eatable by WX-78. Less of a boost then gears, but still.

Gord's Knot: Ether a rope replacement or an entirely new material for tying things together. Maybe for the Tent. Or the Fishing Pole.

Gnome: Sanity boost when you are close to it. Maybe we'll have Wes be afraid of Gnomes and he'd get a sanity drop! XD

Hardened Rubber Bung: Yah...got nothing. Maybe it could be remade into rubber for other things but...nah.

Lying Robot: Here's one I like. WX-78 gets a big sanity boost from being around this guy. Also, he could be eaten for HUGE max stat gains.

Melty Marbles: Another tough one...yah, like the Bath Plug, could be harvested for glass but...I'd doubt it.

Mismatched Buttons: Good, an easy one. These could be part of clothing items. Just, in general.

Second-Hand Dentures: These could be equipped in the "Hat" slot and will give you increased hunger points for eating foods. But will lose 5 or 10 durability for eating things.

Tiny Rocketship: I don't have any ideas at all for this one. Sorry.

I'd love some suggestions and feedback! :D

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