More settings for the Giants specifically

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I know a lot of people already enjoy the giants as is and some wish for the giants to be harder/easier. Perhaps there should be separate settings in the world generation for giants. For each giant, there could be settings of 'easy' (lower health, less damage, doesn't destroy buildings), normal/default, hard (higher health, hits harder, bigger range). Or it could be even more detailed where the damage, health, range, structure wreckage could each be adjusted for each giant. Giants with easier settings will drop less loot or lower quality loot whereas harder set giants will have better loot (but loot is not adjustable in settings), so those who have it more difficult will be awarded accordingly. 


With this, players can adjust a giant to their liking and not everyone in the Don't Starve community will be affected by the changes. This could be a benefit for those who find it too difficult but don't necessarily want to turn off the giants in their worlds. Also it allows for more customization for those who find certain giants are too easy and wish to make it harder in certain features.


I really enjoy how Don't Starve give players the choice to customize their worlds. I only wish that there'd be more options/settings in terms of the giants.

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I see what you mean about setting them to none or more for difficulty but I was more referring to adjustments to one monster instead of spawning multiples for difficulty.

Ah, I guess it's not a surprise there'd be a mod already.

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