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This is the first mod I've made. You can find him on the steam workshop here;


I'm still working on him, his animations are a little glitchy, and I'm not happy with his portrait yet, but he's up and running, so I've decided to post him up on here :-)


He works for both Vanilla, and Reign of Giants.




Hunger - 75

Health - 150

Sanity - 100



Runs and walks faster

Attacks faster

Uses up hunger at half the rate of others

Starts with three Cooked Green Caps



Has constant sanity drain

Can't sleep

Overheats easier in summer




If you're wondering about anything else, feel free to ask and I'll add it on here :-)

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I've just changed the mod icon for both the steam workshop and in game, as I felt that they were both a little shoddy.


I've also changed Wazzock's starting items from a Top Hat, to three Cooked Green Caps. I felt that starting with a Top Hat made the character a little too easy in the first 10 or so days, and felt that it took a lot of enjoyment away from the mod. To be honest I only gave him a Top Hat in the first place cause I think they're awesome.

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May I ask if you could share the code lines that controll the overheating aspect?


i found a couple of ways to control temperature and all that.

you should know that overheating and freezing aren't two separate things, they basically both come under temperature.


you can add this, to decide how much temperature damage hurts the character (you can combine this with choosing the season if you only want say summer to hurt them more)


     elseif GetSeasonManager():IsSummer() then

     inst.components.temperature.hurtrate = 0.2


i tested about with adding insulation, and im pretty sure it works, but at times it seems a bit botchy. the way it works is the character stays warm for longer in winter, and i thinkkkk, they get warm quicker in summer, you can add it like this


     inst:AddComponent( "insulator" )

     inst.components.insulator.insulation = ( TUNING.INSULATION_SMALL )
you can change the actual temperature the character overheats at with this one, I haven't actually player about with this one though, so I can't really help you
     inst.components.temperature.overheattemp = 20
I hope that helps mate, pretty much all I know I think :) you can do something funky to your search bar so that you can search .lua files. so if you type in temperature you'll be able to find loads more stuff yourself :)
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