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[MOD REQUEST] Character - Hank J. Wimbleton

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Hi, I'm new to Don't Starve, and I love this game... and I love ,,Madness Combat" too. I tried to make this alone, but it's too hard for me so... I'm begging you guys to make him.


Nickname: "The Protagonist"


Motto: "WTF?"


Health - 300


Hunger - 20


Sanity - 50






-He isn't scared MUCH of monsters (So, it's weird for him and he will lost sanity, but slow)


-Very big amount of health


-Can see in dark




-His hunger.


-Bunnymen + Pigmen and some animals like that want to kill him. (Because everybody wants)


-He can't talk. (In original series, he was talking like... 8 phrases through whole series)


And, that's all. Here I will now some images of him. Oh, and is it possible to make his hands like it was in series?


PS. Sorry for my English. I'm from Poland...





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