Low sanity leads to a Dreamworld when sleeping

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Firstly, if you're going to make a thread then title it descriptively if you can.

When you have low sanity and use the straw roll you might enter a dreamworld where things go very strangely. The dream world is very different from your normal map, a fog everywhere, and the creatures act strangely. The goal is to survive the night time anyway you can. The way to survive the dream changes between dreams.

Several ideas:

You have to light as many fires as possible because the dark keeps getting stronger.

Your hunger goes down five times as fast and you have to scramble around the dream map to not starve.

Nothing seems to be wrong, Wilson is there like normal. Until he starts to move on his own, you have become The Grue and must kill Wilson before dawn comes.

Maybe if you fail to survive the dream, a nightmare escapes into the waking world to terrorize you randomly til it's destroyed.

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Guest Dandytard

Dude, How dare you post this based on my regular life? I claim copyright.

Although I do like the idea, I'll keep crying in a corner for you reawoken old memories.

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