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Suggestions (may be long)

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Wow. So many suggestions,

As the expansion title suggests, it will probably be cooperative, not PvP.


Players should spawn on the exact same spot, next to each other. Maxwell should not be a playable character, but let me think about that later.

Two of the players shouldn't be able to select the same character.

I think if more players spawned together, they should spawn with lower health percentage.



Num. of players: 2

Spawn health: ~x0.90


Num. of players: 3

Spawn health: ~x0.75


Num. of players: 4

Spawn health: ~x0.60


Num. of players: 5 or more

Spawn health: ~x0.50


I think spawning with health overload is not cool.



Hounds should have shorter periods and more hounds per period.

More players → More hounds that want to eat ya


Nightmare Illumination

Nightmare lights and fissures should not turn shadows. Attacking ruins nightmares should have an aura that would give the effects of the nightmare amulet.



Every player should have their own shadows. Not others' shadows...

Or maybe not, because idk if it would cause lag.



Terrain should generate before the players enter the game.

When a multiplayer game gets created, the field should get generated first, but the host shouldn't be allowed to enter it. Then the host should have to call some of his steam friends for the game. After everybody is okay, clients should download the map, too. Then, the game should begin. Server close shouldn't delete the map and the properties.



When a player quits, shadow hands should pull them into the ground. Then they re-enter they should have the same stats.


Preventing trolling +and some other stuff

Ice fling-o-matics should put out wildfires only, not campfires. Or they should just halve the fire's burn time and radius.

Wildfires shouln't spread this rapidly.

Make sure that (mainly non-boss) mobs don't aggro on everybody. Hounds should attack each player individually. Players' hound attack periods should be individual, too.

Hammers and deconstruction staffs should not destroy structures that hadn't been used/built by the tool's user.

"Destroyer" bosses should only try to destroy buildings that were made/used by the target they had aggro'd on. Bosses - excluding the Deerclops - should attack players individually.

Deerclops should commonly change its victims. It shouldn't shoose players that are far away.


Host options (default)

Trolling preventation on/off (on)

PvP on/off (off)

World options (default)

Allowed characters (all, besides Max)

Shared maps on/off (off)

Player markers on/off (on)



Maps should be individual for each player. However, player markers should appear on maps by default.





That's all.

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