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The unavoidable mechanic known as death

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Kylemc2    6

What if when you die, like normal, the death animation plays and your items fall to the ground, but the body doesn't actually disappear for an amount of time. During the time your body is still there, someone could come over there and revive you, while you remain a sort of shadowy ghost during the timer, and a full ghost once the body is gone. Once the body is gone, you can still eventually come back, but it will be difficult, either from someone else bringing you back, possible with an expensive variant of the meat effigy, or possibly coming back after an amount of time that increases with every full death (e.x. 3 days, increases by 3 every death, or something similar). If all the people playing are either dead, or need to be revived, then it acts as a permanent death, no coming back, and the world is deleted.

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