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Wilson's Journal (For Fun, Contribute!)

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I'm doing this for fun, whenever i say "those Voices" I am reffering to you guys out there to make his next decision in my next post, so here we go!

-- Wilson's Journal --

Day 1 - Where am I? What has happened? Maxwell? Are you here? I seem to be all alone here. i should explore my surroundings so I can figure out where I have been taken to. Wait, how am I going to survive with no food? I should collect some resources to make myself some tools to set up camp and eat. I'm not very close to nature often because I am mostly in my studies. Let's chop away at some of these trees till we have a good amount of wood. Now that I have wood and other resources i shall make myself my tools! Now for food... Ah here are some berries but they wont last me long. I should take these bushes with me. Those bunnies might taste good. Come here bunnies! Apparently I am not the best, I couldn't catch a single one. It seems to be getting dark. I will set up my camp here to collect some bunnies in the morning. I can not sleep because of the roughness of the ground. I have to stay up and watch myself anyways. I can see the sun coming up but it is still pretty dark. "The Voices" -- (Should I go out now or wait till the sun is fully up? Or any other choices? Hmmm...

-- Continued tomorrow!

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