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Walls not placing, repairing untargeted wall instead

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So this has been a problem since the beginning and I am really curious as to why it hasn't been fixed, but about 90% of the time that you try to build wall between two other walls (when there is space and the indicator shows as much) , you put the cursor wall on the spot you want and instead of building it the character repairs one of the adjacent walls.  Now I have noticed that after rotating the screen several times and trying twice at every angle eventually the wall will be placed where you want, meanwhile precious time is burning away and the resources wasted on repairing walls you weren't trying to can cost you survival itself.


So I guess my question is why does the wall not build where the cursor indicates if a piece of untargeted wall is between the character and the target (essentially meaning if you miss a link in your wall you have to smash it and start over or waste time trying to wedge the piece it at a 1/4 rate of success. )  fix it.


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