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  1. I can't even see my entire character list every time I start a new game so there is that....
  2. Having seen the poster and the portal in it for the DST expansion, I figure it could be a vital component to the solution we are searching for. Perhaps the Portal needs to be built or found, and then fueled. So essentially you enter it and it works like adventure world only you get a server list to join, and when you do you get reset in stats and research (like adventure world) and enter the game server you want. If and when you die you go right back to your portal and state you were before using it. Now you need to refuel it with something that would be enough of a challenge to collect (nightmare fuel, ham, gold, purple gems, etc) to enter and go into the game again or another of your liking. I understand this being a time consuming measure that might impede people entering right into DST, and I don't expect to be able to balance this myself just a suggestion.
  3. I was speaking of an in game day, not a 24 hour cycle so, that's that. I really don't know how long people expect these worlds to last and how exactly the mechanic of maintaining/joining them is gonna work, when that information is available this issue will become more clearly solvable. Getting irrationally hyperbolic about it doesn't help us get the information we need and as of now nobody can really answer this except Klei. The Wickerbottom issue is something that people will have to anticipate when they allow her into a game/join with her/ play as her. This being the only character that violates the other system it would still work perfectly without her (and this is possibly one of the balances that would take place, don't you think?) she could sit and read instead of sleep and skip to the wake up time with no restoration/possibly some starving. Again being able to see Charlie as someone who isn't being attacked by it doesn't really matter (in my opinion), they could add a very simple animation just shows the character that Woody sees being panic stricken and dying or taking massive damage. That you can see in the dark should only protect you from this effect and someone else suffering it while you can see doesn't really seem like an issue other than that you want to know what it will look like. Slapping a pointless question in a middle of a seemingly serious list of concerns and then stating it as a joke when someone addresses it is definitely a waste of time.
  4. It's my initial intent in a multiplayer game (with my friends so there's no threat of sabotage) that we each go our seperate ways to insure faster and more diverse resource gathering, and to plan meet ups at an ideal base location (whoever finds it and is agreed upon by the team as a good spot) So the idea of teaming up to take down giants and dens is definitely gonna happen but its not a prioritized objective and with out proper weapons and armor is gonna most likely be challenging if not just an immense drain on vital resources (healing salves, food and the time and sanity it drains.) I just don't think, and I could very well be wrong, that its gonna be such an effortless breeze to do these things in a group even though you'll still have to go about it in pretty much the same manner as if you were alone. One word comes to mind, hubris.
  5. Wrong, you are not getting it at all, if you zerg everyone dies. What is keeping you from getting stun locked and killed all the same when you rush in beserk? That everyone else is scrambling for surviving and not helping you fight against the sporadically agroing creatures that are ripping you to shreds. This is a mentality that I feel will quickly fall away when people attempt it and don't last a week.
  6. yes you do or you wouldn't have posted this in a public forum of discussion...but I digress 1. I'd like to think that you would simply lose your membership in that game if you left on a timer that wouldn't last more than a day (reasonable time to reconnect if its a legitimate d/c), and the sleeping issue is basically solved by a queue for everyone to do so or not (like minecraft, terrarria, etc. its been done) Since there is no urgency and cannot be, as the game itself won't let you sleep if danger is around I don't see how this doesn't work somehow in your mind. 2. So? 3. thanks for wasting everyone's time.
  7. I'm saying that adding another player or multiple players to your game will function, in combat, much like an army of pigs, but that's not really my point. What I'm saying is that adding more people to the environment that are concerned with there own and your survival doesn't make you invincible to the things that are already a potent threat. By all means if you want to take down spider dens your way that is fine but its not a justification to scale the entire game for you to do so.
  8. Possibly even a Two Worlds style map where two teams start on separate islands and work up to attack each others' bases through a middle ground. This could just be an option for pvp rather than the standard multiplayer format.
  9. but its essentially the same issue, everyone sleeping at the same time, whether its for day or night. That summer can kill you and night is not as big an issue to just wait through (if you have light and fuel) so the discussion should really be based around daytime sleeping. That's my concern.
  10. 1. what? you found a problem in a thing that doesn't even make sense? Skipping season mechanic? What? 2. Um how is this even relevant, why would anything need to happen other than the attacked player takes damage? 3. Again not an actual problem more of a suggestion... 4. This seems to be a pretty simple issue, seeing where people are could be a piece of gear or a radar like structure. Also I'm expecting the bushhat to add some sort of stealth from other players element. 5. Already addressed that characters will need to be balanced for multiplayer in the OP for the Multiplayer announcement doesn't need to be rehashed.
  11. You are ignoring the relevant content of the post you quoted. Alot of your reasoning seems to make sense if we ignore summer and that the day time heat unlike a fireside night time can actually kill you just by waiting through it, and that the average summer day is much longer than your quoted night lengths. I don't feel like melting in the summer heat because someone else didn't know how the game works.
  12. If they wanted to make spiders more challenging and dangerous for multiplayer they could perhaps add some sort of agro dectector for when more than one player is near and the spiders could team up into a Webber style creature that would be more of a challenge
  13. All this seems moot, monsters being too easy, the limit on resources, etc. Have you ever gone up against a giant or tree guard or spider queen with a fleet of pigs backing you up and notice somehow that you are the only one to walk a way and sometimes without even killing the target? Maybe its just me because I don't use mods, but adding a few more player level characters will be about the same. Sure players won't run around aimlessly at dusk, but instead will do whatever else they want that you can't control. They will still have to use the same stick and move tactic that pigs and mermen use, since this is the essential method to kill things and survive with insanity intact. Somehow I feel like the unarmored hit of a tentacle will still be a pretty brutal experience without needing any scaling, I've lost many games getting careless will harvesting in a swamp or looking off screen for half a second and taking lethal damage quickly. I don't see the need for scaling here or understand the arguement for it. I would like to think that anyone could prototype at anyone else's structures so sharing cuts down on duplicate resource cost except with things like farms and crockpots that take time to function. I don't think each player needs their own shadow manipulator or lightening rod to survive as a team. I see an over abundance of monster meat being a possibility when several players team up and clear a forest of spiders quickly, but this is just as easy to do already with a stack of grass and sticks, a single player can just lure each wave into a set of three or four traps, do this three times in a row and you can then beat the den to death at your leisure and walk away with a stack of meat, glands and web without striking a single spider.