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Chester and spider glands

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When using a spider gland on Chester, the only available option will be "Heal".
I haven't tested it with other healing items, but it's possible the same thing happens.

Any way we could get that as a RMB action and keep "Store" on left-click? Just for consistency.


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Any more opinions on this?

I think having more options as opposed to less is always better.
With all the item management and time being always an issue, I like to minimize mouse movement and streamline my actions as much as possible.

I'm pretty used now to clicking an item on Chester to store it into him.

Say I've picked up a spider gland but my inventory is full, I need to put it back on the floor close to Chester, open him up, pick the gland back up and then I can store it. I think it's a bit redundant, is all.

Personally, I never heal Chester, he heals fast enough, but still, I guess you wouldn't lose a thing if it were RMB action.

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