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  1. Typical console war fuel troll thread. Useless apart from stirring sh!t and OP knows it.
  2. @aredshroom, great recap but you should add in that thing about Gemini being written on the prototyping page. I guess if we'd seen that, we definitely would've tried to overlay the Gemini constellation onto the map much sooner. The stretch from there to Castor and Pollux would have been a short one.
  3. Funny, I went in to check my note and I was able to quit ,my game, and re-enter it, and get a bunch of different numbers every single time. I kept trying hoping I'd find the last note, but unfortunately I didn't. At some point, it just stopped working and I started getting the same number each time which was 3, even on different games. Not sure why that happened but in any case, I don't really know what we would do with the last note that hasn't been already worked out.
  4. So how bout now? I'm really only trying to look out for my community guys, when I tell you I can spot one, I can spot one. This guy's only here to create drama. I was gonna post this in one of those other two threads but they both got locked...obviously. @jlewjlew, you don't get a welcome here from me. You're a troll, and an obvious one at that. Please guys, stop feeding him. He has it all, the weird grammar, punctuation and formatting in his posts. He tries to subtly pin that on his supposed lack of skills in english, but those are totally inconsistent from thread to thread > obvious. He does that on purpose because he knows it makes reading his posts that much more unpleasant. Another thing bad trolls do is act all offended like we're the ones picking on him. No, naive, foreign, or just young, it's all fine. But you sir, you are a troll.
  5. Please don't mind me. If you're not a troll then I'm mistaken (wrong) and in that case you don't have anything to be offended about. Consider me Grumpy old Grandpa, and enjoy the game and these friendly forums!
  6. It's cool how mods have locked the thread at your request.
  7. Yes you're right, sorry I got confused. He did post in a thread which had been necroed earlier, but that was not by him of course. No, I just thought it'd be sneaky-ish to mention the troll thing, out of all the 10 or so threads he just posted in, in this one, even though you had just said: and I could've posted in any other one of those threads instead. Anyway, my opinion on topic would be very much aligned with Lord_Battal's in the very second post of the thread. EDIT: Actually, I would add that even though Resident Evil is definitely considered a survival horror if not the series that really generalized the term, it's never actually been that terrifying, has it? Even Silent Hill, it's mostly disturbing. Spine-chilling and all, but how much horror would it need to be. It's just about the fear of dying and feeling helpless. Just like in Resident Evil. I know my spine got chilled pretty bad when I saw my first Deerclops. But it was kind of the same in my first encounter with Nemesis in RE3. Of course, I quickly learned how to fight him like a boss, just like Deerclops. So it's intense, for sure, and I must say, now that they've stopped adding stuff, I'm afraid we won't have many more challenges left, sadly... But that's for another topic.
  8. It's not just this thread, I chose to mention it in here cos I'm also a bit of a troublemaker and hey, while the zombie's hot... No it's the posting on each and every active thread with systematically the excess of carriage returns, emoticons, exclamations, and spelling etc... I dunno it all adds up too nicely and subtly in my taste. I've seen my fair share of trolls, and I call troll. But please, don't mind me.
  9. Can I please be the first to call troll on this guy?
  10. Well I died and created a new world after that hotfix, and the blue hounds bug is still there.
  11. Hmm, I died in the ruins, resurrected from a meat effigy up on the surface, then I made my way through the caves to the ruins entrance, and when I went down, I appeared not at the ruins entrance, but right where I had died. I guess you knew it, but just in case, I'm leaving a note here, Also, when I died, Chester was there hanging around the cave entrance on the surface. I went back for the eye bone, and then I came back up into the caves, and there I had 2 Chester. And yeah Wilson also says "It's a...thing" when examininga burrowing worm.
  12. Well, my whole base is right smack in the middle of 3 igloos (and 2 bird nests), I'm about to enter my first post-latest hotfix winter, so hopefully I'll survive this... EDIT: I can confirm this as well, blue hounds everywhere on my end. World was created pre-hotfix, ofc.
  13. I think he wanted to be able to go AFK. WEll, I was just kidding, I mean I know it didn't make much sense and it was gonna go eventually. Not that I'm low on teeth. Or nightmare fuel. I'm just lazy really, but yeah of course it made no sense. Hey, how about a type of magic/shadow type trap or something to that effect? like some big-ass pentagon you draw on the floor or something and it sends them to another dimension. Nevermind, I'm still just thinking aloud.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's your fault shadow creatures aren't harmed by tooth traps anymore. Won't you ever stop? Anyway, this does sound more exploit-y than that ever was. So if you're gonna fix this, maybe you could un-nerf the previous one? At least, it used to cost us the materials for traps, so I guess it was a little less cheaty-cheaty.