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Wilson's final logs


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"Its been years on this island, ive discovered everything there needs to be discovered, ive slain all the animals on this island. Even the rabbits I snuffed out quicker then they can reproduce, through experiments and harvesting. The berry bushes have been picked too often and they no longer bear fruit, no matter how much I fertilize them. I have killed all the beefalo in my search for food and pigmen are all dead too. Not before working the pigmen to death hunting swamp monsters and leveling every single tree on this island. I have no more effigy of myself, only one chest of meat left and the hounds are relentless, I have enough wood, grass, sticks and spikes to keep me going on a fight but i dont know for how long.thats another thing, there is no more flint anywhere, with all the swamp monsters dead i have many spikes though. If the hounds dont kill me, hunger will."

a year later "I have done pretty good with rationing, even dispite the hound attacks now happening daily. Ive gotten efficient in killing them, only taking a single hit at worst. If only their meat wasnt tainted I could survive on them indefinitely. Perhaps on my final pieces of meat ill go hunt down these hounds, they must have a food source to keep them sustained. Or perhaps these attacks are happening because of this lack of food. I have enough for roughly 2 months of eating, I will never be satisfied but ill be able to keep going."

a week later, handwriting noticeably worse, ink is more faded, perhaps only improvised. "Things went bad, I found the hound den or should i say they found me. there were dozens of them and they were big, obviously the best of the pack. They chased me down relentlessly, i ran into a roaming treeguard while running. He was able to take out two before falling. Perhaps he was weak, or maybe these beasts are nothing like I have faced, I had to lose my wooden armor to stay ahead of them so now I have no protection and they did damage me pretty well. I now only have 2 weeks of food left rather then my 2 months. Things are looking bleak."

second to last log "They were all dead when I awoke, no sign of trauma on any of them, they just dropped. I didnt hear anything last night at all, with constant hunger and awareness i dont sleep heavily at all. I have little wood left, i might be able to make a fire but I would have no more fuel left after that, this may be my last log"

last day before night "I ate my last meat yesterday, I was so hungry, knowing it was my only one left I savored every bite. It was just after morning when I began. Its now an hour past midday and im starving, my spike broke fighting another hound but this one seemed reluctant to fight me. It behaved differently, much like a spider use to when I rushed it, it would cower every time i went for a swing and never actually tried to hurt me. almost like it was being forced. Something strange is happening."

"in the light of my final fire, not enough to keep me through the entire night. on my first nights on this island i thought i saw something in the shadows, waiting for me but I thought it was nothing yet always careful to never be inside the darkness. Now on this final night, a new moon too so the fire only just gives light but it slowly dying. I see it, or i think i do. I can feel it watching me, waiting for the light to die, waiting for me to be dropping into its lair. I heard it! the sound like a that of a endless chasm, and a rustling of a brush. I am sure there is no other animal on this island, they are all dead or deep in hiding. it is that thing, i will try to show you what I have seen but my health and hunger have affected my mind, it may just be fear showing me what is there. The fire is about to die, only seconds left. If someone finds my notes, or just a few of the many I have scattered, hopefully years from now so my reckless experimentation does not affect you and the island comes alive again. be safe, be smart, dont be greedy, dont be cruel, dont let the darkness get you, and above all. Don't Starve"

well everyone I honestly just got this off a whim. didnt really think it through too much I kinda just winged it. There is room for much improvement im sure but i think it would be an interesting tale. perhaps for all the other characters too. Although if there is to be a real lore incorporated Soon I think it would be a cool thing if everyones logs ended the same way with "Don't Starve" and their interpretation of the monster in the darkness. Have them all have somewhat similar characteristics but with obvious differences pertaining to how the character would be, like Wilson's would be driven more of a scientific looking kind of monster that can be analyzed. Willow would be more childish in its outworldly and cannot be easily explained. Wendy is similar but much darker and I think her's should have the most accurate representation because she is the one more closely linked to the darkness and death because of her sister. Perhaps make it have a tall, slender figure like Maxwell that implies hes the one in the darkness. Wolfgang's would be more "manly" making the monster big and monsterous. Of course I think wolfgang's final thing wouldnt be about dying to the night by acceptance, i think it should be "I have my axe, all thats left is me and that thing. Well if it wants to get me, i wont be going out easy" before the Don't Starve message.

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