Modern medicine and the civilized gentleman.

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I'm convinced that there is no need for it. Simply put, disease is an affliction of the lower classes.

Many times Wilson has fought and been been bitten by werepigs and yet he has never contracted porkanthropy. He does not go crazy every full moon, trash the camp, attack local wildlife, and eat all his food. Wilson has also not woken up in the woods dressed only in his scandalous birthday suit and sporting only a set of roguish mutton chops that mark him as afflicted.

I am convinced that the imbalance of humors that causes porkanthropy only affects the common peasants such as the pig men Wilson been forced to dispatch as a remedy to their affliction.

After looking through a few pages I have not seen porkanthropy suggested.. though I suspect it has been suggested many times and if I dug in further I would find the suggestions.

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