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Creature addition tutorial outdated?


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IIRC It's not that its outdated or broken exactly, it appears that it never worked the way it was done in the tutorial. It seems that @Cheerio used a different set of mod tools that were never released to the public. 


I might be mistaken though,


@DeathDisciple would be able to fill you in with the details, I remember her talking about it a couple months ago when we first started our mod.

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uh... if you're talking about tut08,


There are a few things to keep note of. Depending on where you place the new room, it might or might not load on a particular worldgen, make sure to add it on a task that is in the initial list, not the optional ones. Even so, it does not 'guarantee' it will spawn, worldgen can just decide that it's out of space for it, throw a warning and finish without it. If you want to ensure at least one bird spawns in the world, one way to do it is putting the prefab name into 'required prefabs' on a level.


You can/should be able to manually spawn bird in any of the tutorials with DebugSpawn("tut0x"), x depending on the actual step, or however you called your prefab if you made a different one. If that crashes it will tell you why, if it works but shows nothing then it's usually error on the animation part - engine 'should' tell you 'missing blah blah' but sometimes it just silently fails and you end up with invisible mob.


@kraken121 My issue was that image swapping does not work on official version of scml.exe, which made me waste too much time trying to find my error where there was none, he simply used modified version locally or something, intermediate files show quite clearly the generator is not the one that was given to us (and doesn't have that bug to boot)... but that's a detail, that you can avoid by manually editing intermediate files, or fix the scml sources, or rebuild simplex's version of modtools where it's fixed. Somehow I doubt that's where His Lordship got stuck tho :)

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